EP 19 - Have Clear Expectations and Watch What Happens (and plus, it’s kind!)

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2020

Today’s episode is a must-listen for bosses who want to have healthy and productive relationships with their employees - it’s about expectations! 

Each position within a company is created with the expectation of producing certain results. There are many ways to set out expectations and measure results...but how do you know if the method you’re using is working properly? If you’ve ever had to have an uncomfortable conversation with an employee who is taken aback at hearing that you’re not satisfied with their work performance, then you’ve realized too late that your measurement tool isn’t working. 

I’ve been using something called a ‘Position Contract’ between myself and employees for a long time. This contract is a written agreement between employer and employee about expectations and job requirements - it is specific and measurable, and keeps employers and employees accountable to one another. 

This contract provides specific guidance for the employee, allowing them to see clearly if they’re on the right path and producing the results that you expect. This clarity is kind and assuring to employees, because they don’t need to question whether or not they are living up to your expectations. 

Whenever possible, use specific numerical values to express the results you expect, such as: 

  • Prospecting 20 new leads a week
  • Answering all phone calls within 3 rings 
  • Hit monthly sales goal of $30,000

A Position Contract helps employees to take pride in their work, and to buy into all parts of their position. It’s kind, it’s smart, and it’s vital! 

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