Imagine if you never had to feel alone in business again and could easily tap into the wealth of knowledge of experts, other women's experiences, and a fast pep talk to DO THE DAMN THING instead... because you can & you deserve it—this is how!

Let me tell you the biggest reason why I want you here:

I want you to HAVE A VOICE. I want you to BE HEARD. I want you to be SEEN.

I created The Collective to be a safe space for WOMEN to come together and directly share our experiences, learn, engage, and support each other as we grow our businesses. I wanted an intimate group of fierce and ambitious females to get together monthly to talk all things business and really push each other, hold each other accountable, and HEAR and SEE each other for the badass women we are!

There just aren't enough of us getting through the masses of "successful" men we are seeing plastered all over social media. Plastered all over everything. I want and need to see more people like me at the top of this industry!! Because there is no reason we can't be just as successful if not more so.

In The Collective, there will be monthly topics we all converse on, but then the floor is yours! I want to hear your opinions. I want to hear your stories. I want you to hear other peoples' successes and failures so we can navigate this industry TOGETHER.

This is for you if…

  • You have a strong desire to succeed
  • You are chasing things that aren't moving the needle.
  • You feel handcuffed to your biz or working too many hours
  • You want control over the day; not stuck in whirlwind
  • You have a million thoughts without focus or clarity on what to do next
  • You have feelings of shame or guilt
  • You are super stressed, overwhelmed, and unorganized
  • You resent your business because you are still working as an employee yourself
  • You feel pressure from spouse/family

This is your SIGN! Join The Collective. It's as simple as showing up for you. Showing up for your business. Showing up to take the first step towards changing things for the BETTER.

You show up. I take care of everything else.
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Monthly Topics:

1.     Creating the Vision for our business that keeps us aligned with what truly matters to each of us individually.
2.     Working on our branding and mastering the message to attract our ideal clients
3.     Ability to niche down and sell more
4.     Figuring out the best ways to set goals and work on achieving them
5.     Smashing all the challenges we have with our mindset about everything we do that is       getting in our way
6.     Higher sales and closing
7.     Great client experience and retention
8.     Learning the most effective processes and workflows to maximize our operations and efforts.
9.     Gaining more time back in our lives to enjoy what makes us happy
10.  Understanding and knowing your key performance indicators
11.  Stronger and consistent execution of the right things
12.  Building and managing the Rockstar team we dream about creating
13.  Scaling our agencies to greater heights without losing our minds in the process
14.  The best ways to gain more profits, invest, and scale our income

And pretty much a million other things that we deal with on a regular basis!

Go From:
Feeling lonely in entrepreneurship
No consistency
Feeling lost & being afraid
Making costly decisions

Having a tribe
Consistent monthly accountability
Having structure and knowledge regularly
Low investment and high value

Gain Access to Bonus Connect Right Away ~ all to help you Master Your Agency!

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What you'll get:

  • Monthly Calls 
    • Hot Seat Consulting with Cassidy Arbeli
    • Support & Masterminding with all members
    • Recordings Available  
  • Access to Bonus Content & Lessons
  • Links to All the Resources


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"Cassidy is a powerhouse woman and you are in the right place. She's always dropping gems. Always looking out for us and providing tools and resources for us to level up. Looking forward to connecting with you lovely ladies!"

Mary Grace- Social Register Network

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