Struggling to manage all things business?

A fully built-out Agency Management System on Notion to help you Plan, Outline, Execute, and Track your business operations.

Organize your life and business with one tool!

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Agency Owner Notion Template



  • Insurance Agency Owners
  • The ones who are burnt out constantly trying to remember it all with no tools or systems
  • Those who are ready to get organized and make it easy to manage their agency
  • The ones who have had enough and are ready to get a little help from a seasoned agency owner
  • An agency owner who is tech savvy but doesn't know what to use to maximize their internal productivity.

You can have all your business management in ONE TOOL! 

We have done the work of building this productivity tool for you so not only will it save you the time of doing it yourself, but it also guides you on what works.

  • Get Instant Access To 

    1. Over 40+ Business Operating Templates
    2. Trackers Specific to Insurance Agency
    3. Content Planning, Branding & Marketing, Team Member Training & Development, Projects, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Trackers, Monday Management, And keeping all your To-Do's and Thoughts organized in ONE PLACE!
    4. Structured project and future planning systems to stop reacting to everything and be ready and prepared for anything coming your way.
    5. A fully customizable productivity system that makes it easier for you to show up, get what needs to be done DONE and so much more .

Get immediate access and a bonus video on how to use it!

The results become:

Having a tool that you use to manage ALL THINGS BUSINESS will allow you to execute your plans efficiently so that you can produce the results you want in your business without the overwhelm!

How many times have you tried to remember something important and felt it slip through your grasp?

How much time have you wasted looking for a document or file you were sure you saved?

If your first thought was, “This happened to me today!” then you’re not alone.

The sheer amount of information flooding our brains every day is overwhelming.

Information Overload has long since become Information Exhaustion, taxing our mental resources and leaving us constantly anxious that we’re forgetting something. But NOT ANYMORE.

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Agency Owner Notion Template

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If you’ve felt the frustration of trying to do **ALL. THE. THINGS.** while not getting the results you want:

  • Have an easy-to-use tracking system in one place
  • Haves templates that are organized and guide you on what to do when planning, executing, and tracking all things business
  • Have a way to communicate clearly with your team
  • Having your one go-to tool you need to PLAN. EXECUTE. TRACK. everything in your business!

Hi, I am Cassidy Arbeli

I am an Insurance Agency Owner for over 13+ and my zone of genius has always been systems + processes. I teach small business owners like you the action-by-action steps you need to build a successful business. I learned through a ton of trial and error how to help me maintain my sanity, get sh*t done, and even build a life and business I love!  My mission is to help you achieve freedom with the right systems, discipline, and organization. This is why created these templates from my proven system and I am giving it to you! 

If you’re ready to have a tool that you use to manage ALL THINGS BUSINESS and will allow you to execute your plans efficiently so that you can produce the results you want in your business without the overwhelm.... then access this NOW! 

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