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Helping you transform into a savvy CEO to go from confused +  handcuffed to your business to creating a system that gives you the freedom to live the life you want.

Imagine if...

You could step away from your agency confidently and have the systems and structure in place so that you are still profitable- and who knows maybe invest in other opportunities. 

You can spend more time doing all the things that bring you joy- like soaking up the spring sun and listening to some of your favorite jams. 

Having a business that people are breaking down the doors to work at.

Being able to know what revenue you will make next month, and the next, and the next….consistently.

Never feeling like you have to beg another lead to be your client again. 


If you are here, you are tired of knowing that this is not what you want but still confused about what you need to do.

I know you are disappointed with the money you are making; you might even be paying your employees more than you take home. 

Agency By Design was created to get you to everything you want for your biz faster. 

Throughout this program, I will support you while you get out of the whirlwind, get your business organized, and make that money so that you can stop dreaming of the life you want…But like ACTUALLY have it. Now you can stop wishing and waiting you will magically find the secret sauce to it all. While watching others brag about their success. 

With this program, I will walk you through a 4 Part Framework that you need to design your agency to work for you and not the other way around. 

If there is ever been a time to stop just being another employee in your biz, it’s now! Because let’s face it- how much longer can you continue on the path you are on? 

There are other people out there making the money you are dreaming about because they have plans like this to get them there. I’m all about a daydream, but we both know smart action takes you where you want to go.

 I remember working my 15th day straight 3 weeks after having my second child and a toddler at home. 
Cue eye roll 🙄  to another day feeling guilty that I am working so much

…my husband sat me down and asked me "what are you doing all this for?" He didn’t see the vision I did. The immense desire I had to create a life of freedom and choices for us. Little did he believe that 5 years down the road I was going to get us out of debt, out-earn him…BY LIKE A LOT, and be the reason we are financially free. 

Your business isn’t meant to drag you through the rough dirty mud and leave you like a piece of roadkill. It is meant to be a resource for you to create and build the life you dream of. 

Just because you don’t know what step to take first doesn’t mean there isn’t a path paved for you. I fully believe that the TOP is not meant to be lonely. Consider Agency By Design my way of sharing with you the exact framework that got me to become massively successful, not only in agency, but in several businesses. 

Start today so you can spend more time with family, plan that huge trip you’re dreaming of, and create a solid plan to hit $1m rev.

 Tell me how many of these make you say #thatsme

👉 Your business is selling but YOU are not making much money. 

👉 You are going into debt and wondering how long you can continue like this. 

👉 You want to figure out how you can stop working so much but you’re afraid to take your foot off the gas.

👉 You know you are capable of anything but feel overwhelmed and alone. (no one around you understands the struggle)

👉 It feels like the whole world is sitting on your shoulders and you just need to keep moving to stay afloat. 

👉 Your agency is either keeping you up at night or causing you to have nightmares.

👉 You have a deep desire to make money and prove to yourself and your family that you can do it. 

👉 You feel crippled by the fear of failure. 

👉 You have seen mentors, coaches, and training programs out there but just DON’T. FEEL. RIGHT.

👉 You have invested in things you thought would help you but instead were a waste of time and money. 

…yep, that’s what I thought.

Are you ready to say hello to designing your agency and goodbye to just winging it? 

Then we just became bffs. 

This is not for you if...

❌ You are looking for an easy way to gain success

 ❌ You are not willing to commit to putting in the work it will take.  

❌ You are not able to be honest about where you are.

❌ You have no idea what makes you happy and why you should pursue it.

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Wait- Who are you? I guess I should introduce myself, huh?

Hey friend, I’m Cassidy 

I am a complicated extroverted woman from Cali (enneagram 7 wing 8) whose ambition might actually kill me (unless my 3 kids do it first lol - who else is a working mom out there?! 💆🏻‍♀️).  I have been an entrepreneur for the last decade building a new business almost every year. I started in insurance as a captive agent and now for the last 6 years have been independent. I have started from scratch twice 🤯.... and both times grew my agencies to multiple seven figures in revenue, all while barely working. 

When I first started, I was clueless about how to succeed in business. If I didn’t find a way through relentlessness and grit to make money, I would have had to face my biggest fear- proving everyone right- I was failing. So, I did the work, filtered the bullshit, and invested in help. However, I only did what actually worked in gaining me results and moving the profit needle.

I went from being clueless to the, “Hey, can I pick your brain?”, go-to agent. 

I suddenly saw that it didn’t have to be so hard. That my agency was growing even without me. My profit margins were increasing, and clients were coming in so fast that we could finally all start to realize our dreams. It was happening and I could only sit and feel like, “this is what I am talking about.” 

After 10 years of success in building massively profitable businesses and brands (for me and others), I can help you build your agency to do the same for you in a very short amount of time. 

Saving you the energy, the time, the money, and the stress of trying to figure it all out by yourself. 

This is why I created Agency By Design. Because your success should be by design and not by default.

What's Included In ABD 

42 Lessons Breaking Down the 4 Step Framework to Agency Success

Would you like to know exactly what I did to create a design for my agency to be so successful? Ya, I figured. That’s why I made it easy to follow and understand with these short but to-the-point lessons. Going through only the important things you need to know and do to begin your Agency Design. 

30 Exercises to Help You Design Your Agency From Scratch

Each exercise gets you closer and closer to completing your design and having the exact plan you need to execute to realize your dream. This will create a no-brainer step-by-step plan you and your team will follow to get closer and closer to getting to all your goals faster and with fewer resources. 

Bi-Monthly Group Strategy Calls To Deep Dive Into Your Agency

Ready for a big sis to tell you all the things?! With every call we have…we will solidify your Agency Design and get you to take massive action on your plans. You will be held accountable so that you don’t sell yourself short, quit, or find some other dumbass excuse to NOT DO the work. Not to mention all the other badass agency owners there to lift you up + support you. 

Personal Tracking Board of All Your Work! 

Get a personalized tracker of your time working on all the things in your businesses, so that not only do you have a workbook, but a digital space where we can collaborate and consult on everything in your business. This helps you stay accountable, know where you are in the process, and continue taking action in your business for years to come. We wont leave you hanging! 

- Plus -

  • A Library of All the Tools I Use  

  • Behind the Scenes Look into My Agency

  • Canva Social Media Post Templates

  • Swipe Files of my most used documents and templates

  • But Most Importantly- A little kick in the ASS to get this all done! 

Joby Samuel

"This program is incredible! It breaks things down in a simple yet amazingly effective way that you never would have thought of before. Cassidy has a really great teaching style where she’s full of value, down to earth and wants to help push you to achieve more. She also has a lot of practical and personal experience that she implements and can help you with what you’re going through as well. If you’re looking for something that’s going to help you to set a rock-solid foundation and process that will make your business/empire unshakable and positioned for growth - this is it!"

Agency By Design gets you focused and taking action on becoming an efficient CEO, building structure and processes to scale, maximizing productivity, and doing money-making activities to increase the money you make so that you gain more time to do whatever you want. You are going to feel empowered, confident, and free to live the life you enjoy, and not living in an office all day (time to say yes to afternoon drinks and no to the 3 o'clock slump).

Great program with the best of them  Cassidy is the best and really helps you get your shit together

I am an Agency By Design Alumni, also been working with Cassidy for months 1:1 since and it's made such a big impact on me and my business. Since working with her I’ve gotten “unstuck” from the rut and spiral I was in. She taught me concepts that have greatly improved my ability to ‘manage my business’, integrate systems/processes to do more, with less, enhance my employee productivity, organize my goals so that they can be tracked, projected, and achieved, realize the important metrics that I need to run my business, etc. She’s been a huge support on my shitty days, pumping me up or “slapping me” with constructive criticism when I’ve needed to snap out of it. Accountability is always there, and that’s what I needed to push myself to do what my business needs to succeed. I continue to revert back to the materials she provided and the many lessons I’ve learned.

Super thankful I came across her program, best investment ever! And as I bring in the big bucks, I know I’ll be thanking [Cassidy Arbeli] over and over!! who’s not just a ‘biz contact’, but a friend xoxo

Daniela Acosta-Levin

Insurance Agency Owner

Rebecca Goldberg

"I am feeling excited about my business again. After the first call with Cassidy, I knew immediately this was going to be better than anything else I had invested in. I am finally proud of what I am building. Let me tell you.... She is the REAL DEAL! She is wholehearted and genuinely cares"

Jessica Mitchell

"This program was so full of value from someone I admire and have watched grow for the last few years. When she announced her working with agents and helping them I was ALL IN. This program has helped me double my monthly sales without increasing any more expenses. Lately, I am even able to get out more and spend less time working."

Easy Payment Plans:

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(Save $500!)


Payment Plan


6 Payments


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