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Tired of the insurance rat-race? So was I. It felt like no matter how many hours we worked, we just weren't seeing the results we had hoped for as a team. And I realized it was time to reset our business because things just weren't going the way we wanted them to and I knew we needed to get back in control to get what we wanted.
So in 2016, we STOPPED SELLING FOR 90 DAYS. Yes, that's right. I made my team completely stop seeking out sales. Why? Because I knew we needed to take the time TOGETHER as a team to make sure we were all on the same page and aligned with what we wanted from the business... which was MORE PROFIT. Duh. But we had to figure out a better way to get there because the never ending hamster wheel wasn't cutting it.
Here's what we did: we went back to the drawing board. We took the time to re-examine the company vision and values. And figure out what it was we wanted and how we could make that happen. We listed out all the activities we did (from sun up to sun down) in the biz and talked about the tasks we liked (zone of genius), didn't like, and absolutely did not want to do. This made everyone much happier in the long run, as well made each task performed at the highest level we could.
We made up a business plan that would work for US instead of letting the business run us into the ground. We made a conscious decision to stop just "bringing in money" and actually work on becoming more profitable. My team understood the more profitable we were, the more money they could make so that incentive was there for all of us to be more aligned and working toward the same goal. This propelled us forward so fast. We had a 240% INCREASE in profit.
So if you're sick of feeling like you're spinning your wheels, I highly recommend you watch my full youtube video on all the ways I was able to create an agency that worked for me so you can do the same for you!
It's time for you to build your Agency By Design! 


Like to Listen + Learn? Watch This Video To Learn More + Go Deeper on This Topic!



From Chaos to Control: Building Effective Business Systems for Entrepreneurs

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