blog Mar 02, 2023

Let me introduce you to my absolute FAVORITE tool to protect my time and get more sh*t done!


If ya aint timeblocking, ya aint living. Or something like that


But seriously, time blocking helps with productivity () and has been the best kept secret I've learned in business. Every last Sunday of the month, I make sure to block off major tasks/appointments for the upcoming month in my calendar. And then every Sunday, I go into my calendar and block off the time for those recurring tasks or upcoming things I have going on that need my full attention. Here's why:

Time blocking helps you stay focused on the task at hand and minimizes distractions. You have specific days/times set for specific activities to take place. Anything and everything can wait until any other time. By setting those specific days & times, you're ensuring things on your master to-do list or from your routines get your full attention and you're making progress.

Example: I only allow my...

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blog Feb 16, 2023

Here's what's holding you back in your business... shit talking gremlins. Otherwise known as limiting beliefs. I just think what I call them makes them feel more like an army of little soldiers that I can fight. And win.

Here's how:

Your mindset is holding you back so... one of the first things that you need to work on in order for you to really break through are your limiting beliefs. Those are the things you might believe about yourself (spoiler alert, they're bullshit). All because these little shit talkers in the back of your brain have been whispering. Mean things. Things meant to cause doubt. Things like who do I think I am? I'm too young or too old to be doing this. I need to wait until the time is right. I need to wait until I'm more experienced. This sounds like a lot of work. Maybe I should wait until my kids are a little bit older. What if nobody listens or cares what I have to say or nobody likes what it is that I'm offering? There are...

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blog Feb 16, 2023

Hey friend,

If you're the type of person who feels overwhelmed by the amount of things being thrown at you (physical and digital) for you to sift through each day, I think you'll want to know my three super simple ways to manage all the things coming at you! But before I tell you those, it's time to turn on the inbox mentality. 

What I mean by inbox mentality is that everything needs a place to come into so that it can be organized. Easy, right? So instead of immediately thinking of your email inbox, I want you to think of an "inbox" for everything. There's a million things that need sorting and every single thing can be sorted into one of the three ways to manage your inbox:

1. Trash it. Damn, it feels so good to throw stuff away and see the empty space it leaves behind. Am I right? If you don't need it now and you don't need it later, throw that sh*t away. The more clutter we see, the more overloaded we feel. So get rid of everything you possibly can to keep...

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blog Feb 16, 2023

I hope you've been practicing your organization skills because I've got another skill to share with you I think you're going to LOVE!


If you've been paying attention, we've been talking about using "inboxes" for everything and how you can manage them (check out my blog for more on this ). But my FAVORITE inbox I use is in the form of my master to-do list. This is my safe space for all the thoughts, all the things I know I need to do, all the things I know I want to do, and all the other things that are just taking up space in my mind can go to be sorted. I literally spew all of my thoughts into this ONE PLACE and then I'm able to go back and organize/prioritize them in order to get sh*t done.

How? What do I use? Well I'm a busy mompreneur, so like anyone else I'm constantly on the go but I always(ish) have my phone with me! So I love to the Notion app (my preference, you can use whatever note taking system you use) to just dump all those ideas and things down PLUS...

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Crash Course Guide to Social Media for Agents!

blog Nov 30, 2022

Content planning for your agency 101:

Follow this ___ part system to help you be more consistent in front of your online audience, really take advantage of free/low cost marketing platforms, and bring revenue in that you can track!

First things first: content isn’t about just throwing stuff on your Instagram that has no purpose. You SHOULD show your face and things you like, but only doing that isn’t going to bring money through the door. Content is what’s going to get all eyes on you, so you have to have a plan. Here’s how you do that. 

Come up with pillars you feel you know really well and/or you think your ideal client needs to know. For insurance, you can talk about coverages, different policies, specific products, or even something specific to your community. Then sprinkle in a little bit of LIFE. Let your ideal client see that not only are you an authority figure in your industry, but you’re an actual person with hobbies, feelings, and...

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