How to hire younger employees & build a remote team w/Guest Jessica Fukuchi

Hear me out: bigger is not always better. Don't let your inflated ego drag you into a situation that starts to spiral out of your control. If you want to remain in control of the culture in your company take my advice: hire slow. You don't need to hire more just to look successful. And hiring a big team doesn't guarantee you more money, but it does guarantee you'll be spending more on payroll ;)

So like I said: hire slow. Really hone in on what position you need filled and who you're looking to fill it. Be upfront and clear about your vision and your why; even during interviews. You're looking to find the right person that will fit into the culture of your team. Someone who shares your core values; not just someone to make you money. The biggest mistake I see other business owners make is thinking that just because they see potential in someone they should have them do all the things immediately. Grow them slow. I start all my people on the phones and they must grow and prove to me...

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