EP 15 How to Figure Out and Build Your Brand Story

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

Humans love stories. They entertain us, teach us lessons, they help us make sense of things that we struggle with in our daily lives, and comfort us. 

A solid brand has a story that can do the same type of thing for customers. Your company’s brand story should be compelling and authentic, and make for loyal, lifelong customers. 

The power of the “About Us” section can never be ignored! A good brand story holds three components: 

  1.  The problem you had 
  2.  The solution you came to 
  3.  The success you experienced from solving the problem 

In this podcast, I ask you the questions that will help you draw all the important details out of your story and on to your webpage/social media site/email campaign. Always keeping the end in mind, remember that the aim of this story is to attract clients and make them see that your brand is worth their time and money! 

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