EP 3 How to Turn Observations into a Master Plan

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2020

Today’s episode is all about your plan of attack! Previously on the podcast I talked about shadowing your business to find out what needs improvement and what’s working really well. I told you to take really thorough notes in order to understand the state of your business. I advised you to take some solid time to reflect on what you’ve learned. Be painfully honest about where your business is at, and where you want it to be. How are you going to bridge that gap? 

In this episode, it’s all about how to get the ideas flowing and get moving on a plan!  

I talk about the 3 ‘-ates’: delegate, automate, eliminate. Use your team as effectively as possible, use technology to your advantage, get rid of redundancies and processes that just aren’t working for you. 

In the episode, I give you an example of a situation in one of my businesses that my team and I came together to fix, making business easier for us and much more enjoyable and accessible for our clients! I talk about how you can learn from your blunders and successes, and how to get everyone on your team involved to make things flow smoothly.  

I talk about my equation for solving business issues: SIMPLIFY to AMPLIFY! 

This detailed and very specific approach to business will ensure that no key factor falls between the cracks of your awareness and causes problems in the future. It enhances your team’s cohesiveness and makes everyone’s job easier and more efficient. And best of all, it keeps you in control of every aspect of the day-to-day, without you having to always be present to manage it! 

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