EP 6 How to Set Goals that Honor Your Desires

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

**Follow along in your workbook to get the most out of all this week’s podcast episodes!** 

This week’s episode deals with the 5 types of desires that we all have within us, and the motivations that humans have for setting their goals.  

The types of desires that humans generally have can be broken down into five areas: 

  • Financial
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual
  • Bucket List Items 

The motivation to reach your goals within these types can be healthy, or ‘heart’ based, or unhealthy, ‘ego’ based. As an example, heart-motivated goals could be to become the best version of oneself, to grow as a person and be kinder, gentler, and more focused on giving back to society, while ego-motivated goals could be harmful to others, such as stealing others’ ideas or resources to get ahead, to prove a point or be seen as ‘the best’. 

The mindset you have when you set your goal is just as important as the goal itself. A person’s mindset can be from a place of scarcity and desperation, or from a place of abundance and hope. 

In this episode, I analyse different examples of goals, while looking at the motivation and mindset that will help or hinder you in reaching these goals. 

I explain that developing specific and measurable goals is the only way to achieve them as best you can. And above all, I talk about how your goals must align with your beliefs about yourself, your life, and your vision for your ideal future. 

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