blog Mar 02, 2023

Let me introduce you to my absolute FAVORITE tool to protect my time and get more sh*t done!


If ya aint timeblocking, ya aint living. Or something like that 😆


But seriously, time blocking helps with productivity (🙌🏼) and has been the best kept secret I've learned in business. Every last Sunday of the month, I make sure to block off major tasks/appointments for the upcoming month in my calendar. And then every Sunday, I go into my calendar and block off the time for those recurring tasks or upcoming things I have going on that need my full attention. Here's why:

Time blocking helps you stay focused on the task at hand and minimizes distractions. You have specific days/times set for specific activities to take place. Anything and everything can wait until any other time. By setting those specific days & times, you're ensuring things on your master to-do list or from your routines get your full attention and you're making progress.

Example: I only allow my employees to bug me with non-sales related questions between 2-3 PM on Mondays & Thursdays. Outside of those hours, they need to write it down and bring it up to me during designated grievance hours 😉 And that might seem silly, but have you ever had an employee that is just constantly hovering and talking your ear off? Your time matters, so everyone and everything else can wait.

This is a next-level time management hack. Time blocking allows you to ensure you're allocating enough time to the particular task to make sure all the steps get done. And the more you accomplish, the more accomplished you feel! It boosts your motivation by helping you take larger tasks and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable steps. 

Example: Marketing! We have designated marketing days at specific hours. There's more to our marketing strategy than just paying for ads, so we have designated hours for creating our marketing gifts and designated hours to visiting potential referral partners. 

Lastly, time blocking DRAMATICALLY reduces stress. And we all need less stress, let's be real. It provides you that clear plan and structure you need in the face of decision fatigue. There's just something amazing about not having to worry about what you're supposed to be doing or when you need to do it. 🙌🏼

Example: I know every Monday at 11 AM I like to sit down and check in with my money. I call this Money Monday and I know it takes me about an hour to look over all my finances and complete any accompanying tasks. So every [email protected] 11 AM is already spoken for and I don't have to worry about what I should be doing. I love it.


So make sure you add timeblocking to your daily & weekly routines! It will change your life.

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