How to hire younger employees & build a remote team w/Guest Jessica Fukuchi

Hear me out: bigger is not always better. Don't let your inflated ego drag you into a situation that starts to spiral out of your control. If you want to remain in control of the culture in your company take my advice: hire slow. You don't need to hire more just to look successful. And hiring a big team doesn't guarantee you more money, but it does guarantee you'll be spending more on payroll ;)

So like I said: hire slow. Really hone in on what position you need filled and who you're looking to fill it. Be upfront and clear about your vision and your why; even during interviews. You're looking to find the right person that will fit into the culture of your team. Someone who shares your core values; not just someone to make you money. The biggest mistake I see other business owners make is thinking that just because they see potential in someone they should have them do all the things immediately. Grow them slow. I start all my people on the phones and they must grow and prove to me that they are ready for the next level up before being promoted to sales. I also give them a trial period where they have to prove they can perform in the position so I know they are the right fit. You don't want to put someone in a position that isn't serving them but more importantly isn't serving you. The best way to keep a healthy, happy culture in your company is to really understand your people. Know what they want out of life, know what they enjoy, know what tasks they like and which ones they avoid. If you know their strengths and play into them, you're going to have a happy employee and you'll get the max benefit for your company. Also, knowing what they enjoy helps you to incentivize them to continue to give their all. Win, win. Make sure if you're noticing a shift in the culture due to a sour employee, you address it right away. You don't want one person's toxic behavior to leak into the rest of your team. Negativity needs to be handled immediately. Don't avoid the problem or it will just spiral out of control and you'll lose grasp of the situation. Have the hard conversation upfront if you want to keep the team thriving.

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