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blog Nov 30, 2022

Content planning for your agency 101:

Follow this ___ part system to help you be more consistent in front of your online audience, really take advantage of free/low cost marketing platforms, and bring revenue in that you can track!

First things first: content isn’t about just throwing stuff on your Instagram that has no purpose. You SHOULD show your face and things you like, but only doing that isn’t going to bring money through the door. Content is what’s going to get all eyes on you, so you have to have a plan. Here’s how you do that. 

Come up with pillars you feel you know really well and/or you think your ideal client needs to know. For insurance, you can talk about coverages, different policies, specific products, or even something specific to your community. Then sprinkle in a little bit of LIFE. Let your ideal client see that not only are you an authority figure in your industry, but you’re an actual person with hobbies, feelings, and possibly good jokes. The idea is your pillars are what get your audience to know, like, and trust you, therefore they want to do business with you.

If you are feeling like a deer in headlights or like a total space cadet and can’t remember what you know… go research! Look for content you want to create on Google, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Type something about insurance and see what things people are searching for that you can give some more insight on by creating a video, graphic, blog, email, or whatever you like to help inform your target audience more about it. Look at the comments and check what kind of questions are being asked and expand on them.

Once you know what to talk about, you have to plan it out or it will just be a jumble of incohesive mumbo jumbo. Here’s the best way I’ve found to plan out content… since there’s 12 months in a year, I like to have 12 big topics I focus on, and then I like to speak on a subtopic of that big topic each week. Depending on the month, that’s 4-5 subtopics from that overarching topic. That’s 52 weeks of content I can come up with in a matter of days, rather than stressing each day/week of the year trying to make it all work.

Now that you have a plan with 52 weeks’ worth of topics, now decide what content you want to create. This is how you can take your weekly topic and break it down even more, really deep diving into it so your target audience gets really engaged in what you have to offer and starts to follow, like, subscribe and really feed on what you say. And the cool thing about content is you can repurpose it! So maybe you started with a long video or blog, turn that into an Instagram post or reel, then move it to an email newsletter, toss it onto Pinterest, and so on and on!

So once you’ve figured out what content you’re going to create, it’s time to really plan it out. Give it a title, what kind of content is it going to be, write the outlines, written content, captions, etc.

And then make the content. From here on, it’s all going to roll together pretty quickly. You’ll record your video, write your email/blog copy, create your graphics, shorts, reels or any other form of content to hook your people in. Then you’ll make sure you have the perfect captions to help your audience really understand what you’re trying to educate them about. And while I can lie and say it’s easy to write your copy, it’s not so make sure you have your outline near by to help you get the meat & potatoes into your content copy.

So now you’re full of content ready to go out, and next you have to schedule it. I use a scheduler to help me so I don’t find myself creating a post each day on all the platforms. I like, I just drag and drop my video/graphics and add my captions with hashtags and then can say what day/time I want it to post and what platform. For emails, I like to use, again it’s another scheduler so I can have multiple emails written out before-hand and then just schedule them to go out what day I want. I highly recommend theming your days on social to build that consistency and authority with your target audience. And once it’s scheduled, don’t be afraid to repurpose your content! Maybe don’t copy/paste everything over and over, but don’t be shy to take an infographic you made and turn it into a reel where you speak out your main points.

I hope this has been super helpful for you and at least get the basic idea or flow you can use to help you get strong on social. If you liked what I’ve shared, let me know! I appreciate you and your support always.

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