branding marketing Nov 21, 2022

Feel like you have tried it all when it comes to marketing and generating leads for your business?

How do you know what has worked and what hasn't… or are you just bleeding revenue with not enough sales?

Insurance agencies are often competing against the major carriers with much larger budgets in addition to their local competitors.

Does it seem like you and everyone else are doing the same things and it's not going anywhere for you?

Once of the first things you need to calculate and know is what the customer acquisition costs is. What did you pay for the lead and how much did you spend to convert them to a client and how much did you make from them.

What is the customer journey and how do we remove as much friction to doing business with you as possible? But today we are here to talk about getting the traffic, the leads, the people to start in your ecosystem. We want to flood the gates and have control of the levers to turn this on and off as needed.

Then we will look at optimizing the leads-conversion ratios and be able to only focus on what is working at a high rate and what is bringing in the clients we really want.

So here is a behind-the-scenes look at where we are spending our time, money, and efforts to bring us in consistent leads monthly and sell high-premium policies. 

All of these are meant to keep costs low and guarantee that we get leads and not just hope someone sees out marketing and happens to give us a call. Because in reality they DONT! 

Our 4-Part Marketing Plan

  • Social Media/Website
    • a platform for content to generate authority and be searchable by your ICA
    • Creating a Digital Funnel for leads
    • Google reviews and SEO ranking
  • Relationships - Network- all of our biggest clients have come from the relationships we have established in our community and then the referrals that these clients send us
  • Referrals- Current Clients & Referral Partners
  • Events & Guest Speaking in front of audiences you want to get access to

Here is some FUN! 

Let's look at what has worked in the past:

What has been a total waste of time and money so far?



sponsored events-booths

sponsoring teams

business cards

car wraps


Like to Listen + Learn? Watch This Video To Learn More + Go Deeper on This Topic! 



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