EP 10 Clarity on Your Core Focus, and Building Momentum

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

Today’s episode is all about defining your company’s focus. 

When you establish a focus for your business, it’s like handing a compass and clear directions to your team. You’ve already established a core purpose for your company, and defining a clear focus is like applying laser beams through a magnifying glass to one specific set of goals and telling everyone on your team, ‘GO HERE NOW!’ 

Cut away from distractions and stop burning valuable energy on tasks and goals that aren’t precisely what you need from your company right now by defining and sticking to a core focus. Don’t waste any more time on tasks that don’t align with your focus. 

In the episode, I provide you with specific examples of various focuses I’ve defined for my businesses throughout my career, and a solid formula for doing the same for your company. While your focus will change as business needs change, one thing does not: you will never regret giving yourself and your team the benefit of a laser focus to put all your energy into. 

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