EP 11 Even a Solopreneur Needs Core Values - What Are Yours?

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2020

Your personal values guide you to make the right decisions. They give you clarity when life gets confusing. Your company should have the same types of strong values that give you and your team the sense that you’re on the right path, and provide you with the confidence to forge ahead.

Having clearly defined values will attract the right people to work for you, and weed out those who don't vibe well with your culture. 

In this episode I take you through the details of how to define clear values for your company:

  • Have your employees write down their own lists of 'most important qualities' for co-workers and bosses to possess 
  • Gather the lists and whittle down to common items 
  • Create a master list with examples of how each can be embodied by employees, and whether in a poster, email, or bulletin item, share the list and examples with everyone 
  • Inspire your employees to continue to possess these values at work by asking them to give their own examples of how they've honored company values, or how they plan to 

It is important to routinely remind everyone on your team (and yourself) of your company values, in order to keep everyone on the same page and trying their best every day. 

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