EP 16 Unique Value Proposition and Why It Matters

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

Some of your most ideal clients are lost out there in the universe and they don’t know about your product yet. How sad - we must find them and make their lives better!  

These clients want exactly what you’re offering, and their lives would be improved because of what you can offer them. They’re stuck in the ‘problem’ phase of your brand story (see previous episode) - googling around for solutions, window-shopping various options, and just not sure where to put their money. 

Enter the Unique Value Proposition: the formula that puts you and your ideal client together in perfect harmony! 

A well-developing UVP connects the dots between the product or service that you offer, your ideal client, and the solution to their problem. To break that down for you, an example of a great UVP is: 

At Inuit (company/product), we’re simplifying (offer of value) the business of life (problem)” 

The ideal client for this UVP is suggested in the wording of the statement. An overwhelmed and overworked project manager trying to balance managing a team of people, multiple projects, correspondence with outside parties, and her personal life might be googling solutions to keep her projects simple and organized, and then comes across a company that understands her pain and wants to help simplify her work life so that she can focus on keeping a healthy work/life balance...what a dream come true! This company has sold this client on the sentiment that they understand what she is going through and want to help. 

Company/product + ideal client’s problem or interest + offer of value = UVP! 

In this episode, I take you through an exercise to draw out all the reasons an ideal client would need your product or service, otherwise known as their ‘pain points’. This exercise will give you a great platform to build a strong and compelling Unique Value Proposition on.

Let’s sell your amazing stuff to your ideal customers with a solid UVP! 

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