EP 4 Ready, Set, Go - Execution is a Habit (6 Reasons Why People Can't Execute)

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2020

There are a few key reasons why business owners don’t reach the goals they set for themselves. In this episode, I break down the various things that keep otherwise effective managers and owners from reaching their max potential: 

  • A lack of commitment...do you really want what you say/think you want? 
  • A lack of clear vision...if you can’t see the goal post, how are you supposed to aim for it? 
  • A lack of determination...you start off strong, but veer off the path you set, and give up before the gettin’s good! 
  • A lack of simplicity...focus on one clear goal in front of you, not the million distractions or discouragements you might encounter along the way
  • An unrealistic deadline...maybe you need to be easier on yourself, and set your timeline for success a bit further out 
  • No metric for success...how will you know you’re making headway if you don’t have a clear metric to measure yourself by? 

As the owner of multiple businesses myself, I’ve had to overcome all of these disruptive and discouraging aspects of goal-attainment, and I promise you, you can too! Today’s episode encourages you to overcome adversity and fearlessly execute your vision. Be brave, dedicate yourself to your goals; make execution a habit, and stick the landing! 

Stay tuned for next week’s episode: the value of failure, and the power of pause! 

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