EP 7 How To Battle the Shit-Talkers in Your Head

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020

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You know how it works: you set your sights on doing something to better yourself or your business, and right on cue, as if they were waiting anxiously behind the curtain all along, the shit-talking gremlins storm your mind to tell you all the reasons you can’t do the thing. 

Unfortunately, in my experience, the gremlins never go away permanently, but you can battle them into silent submission by developing a winner’s mindset: a set of practiced, habitual self-talk and behaviors that you put in place to push right past the gremlins and blow out the candle on limiting beliefs, before they have a chance to get to you and make you back down from your mission. 

The history of our gremlins is as old as we are. Our limiting beliefs begin when we are kids, built by the way we are treated by parents, grandparents, mentors and babysitters, teachers and pastors, friends and bullies. They’re developed by watching how the people we admire deal with struggles and failures. Resilience is not an inborn trait, it matures as we do...or do not. 

How you deal with challenges begins and ends in your mind. What you think becomes your reality. Are you practicing affirmative, positive self-talk? Or are you giving in to your limiting beliefs and backing down from challenges that could level you up? 

On today’s episode, I take you through a very powerful and eye-opening activity that shows you clearly what your limiting beliefs are, and then challenges them. I ask you some tough-love questions, and guide you to help yourself find the answer. It’s painful, but it’s important.

Shut those shit-talking gremlins up, and do the thing!  

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