EP 8 How To Take a Dump to Achieve Your Goals

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2020

**Follow along in your workbook to get the most out of all this week’s podcast episodes!** 

Today’s episode is taken straight from the pages of my free Workbook, and will give you valuable insight on how to reach your goals and max potential. 

A Goal Pyramid is an easy exercise (included in the Workbook) that helps you plan out what you want your future to look like. You start by writing your most achievable, short-term ‘quickie’ goals at the bottom of the pyramid, and then you begin to stretch your imagination and perceived limits by writing more lofty and long-term goals closer to the top. You’re encouraged to write as many goals as you can fit inside the pyramid - don’t close your mind off to anything you want to reach for! Whether or not you think it is realistic, if it’s something you want, include it in your pyramid. I call this a brain dump! It feels great to take a brain dump!

The ultimate goal of the pyramid exercise is to have a visual of what lies ahead for you, and to begin taking steps towards your goals, all the way up the pyramid to the top of your dream life! 

I would love to see your Goal Pyramids, friends! Please share photos of your pyramids with me on Instagram using the hashtag #unburdenyourbusiness. I’d love to know what kind of insights you gained from this exercise. 

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A Message from Cassidy 

This week we talked about goals and achieving more in your life. There are many ways to tackle achieving your goals, but there are three key things that successful people who reach their goals have in common. 

  1.  They understand the power of healthy habits 
  2.  They take responsibility for every part of their life. 
  3.  They have a growth mindset

If you are not growing as a person, you’re not getting anywhere in life. Growing can be painful, yes, but it’s absolutely vital to becoming a person of great success in business and life. 

The only thing that holds you back from being all that you can be is you. Simply and plainly, if you’ve decided you can do something, you will. If you’ve decided you can’t, well then, that’s that, isn’t it? You’ve failed before you even began. 

I want you to repeat this phrase: “Why not me - why not now?” 

You have to constantly remind yourself of your power. 

In the week coming up, I challenge you to purposefully cut down any limiting beliefs that try to creep up and stop you before you can start, every time you feel doubt and insecurity. 

Make reaching for your goals a habit, and choose to focus every day on developing a strong growth mindset. 


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