blog Feb 16, 2023

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If you're the type of person who feels overwhelmed by the amount of things being thrown at you (physical and digital) for you to sift through each day, I think you'll want to know my three super simple ways to manage all the things coming at you! But before I tell you those, it's time to turn on the inbox mentality. 

What I mean by inbox mentality is that everything needs a place to come into so that it can be organized. Easy, right? So instead of immediately thinking of your email inbox, I want you to think of an "inbox" for everything. There's a million things that need sorting and every single thing can be sorted into one of the three ways to manage your inbox:

1. Trash it. Damn, it feels so good to throw stuff away and see the empty space it leaves behind. Am I right? If you don't need it now and you don't need it later, throw that sh*t away. The more clutter we see, the more overloaded we feel. So get rid of everything you possibly can to keep your brain happy.

2. Set an action task to complete it. It needs to get done sometime and you might as well immediately schedule that "sometime" now. I don't know about you, but I love checking boxes off my to-do list and the quickest way I make that happen is by scheduling the activity or activities that need to get done out in advance. Keep it handy so you can complete it and move it on its way out of your space.

3. Store it for reference or as a resource for later. If you're anything like me you have notebooks upon notebooks or mounds of sticky notes with chicken scratch written all over them in piles that are waiting to be called upon for their answers to all the questions. BUT I keep mine extremely organized so I know exactly where to go when the question finally pops into my mind and I go on the hunt for that specific answer on that particular piece of paper.

I know this all sounds SO EASY, but some times we just need the occasional reminder of how much more simple we could be making the process. Set up your inboxes for all the things you need. Don't over complicate.  Just simplify and organize so that your brain has more time to focus on getting sh*t done.


Like to Listen + Learn? Watch This Video To Learn More + Go Deeper on This Topic! 



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