small business owner May 18, 2021


There are 4 stages to how a CEO begins to grow a team and what they spend their time doing. If you don't work on moving up in the stages you usually get stuck in the doing and deciding cycle. Meaning you do all the work, decide to hire people, then spend your day deciding for them, and now you fire them all to just do it yourself. You then start to get overwhelmed and decide it's time to hire people again. Anyone else feel this before? 

DOING- are you doing all the work in your business and basically have created an employee job for yourself? you get to a point where you end up doing all the work and start to feel like it's time to hire someone/some people to help you or do the work instead?

DECIDING- you are now not doing much more work but have a team constantly coming to you and asking you questions or needing your guidance that you spend most of your day making decisions. Starting to feel like if you are just going to pay people to have to decide for them you might as well do it your damn self and save the payroll?

DELEGATING- you have realized that you can empower your team to do the work and make decisions based on the business. You no longer need to do the work or spend all day making decisions but get to spend more time developing your team and getting them to begin to see the ownership they can have within your business.

DESIGNING- you have now developed your team to take ownership of their positions and the results they must bring into your organization. They are fully empowered to do the work, make decisions, and take initiative without you when needed. You can spend most of your time designing the future, being the visionary, and scaling your business.

Which stage are you currently in?


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