EP 1- How to Conduct A Biz Audit

Today I’m sharing a tool and concept with you that’ll change how you see your business. It was a huge wake up call for me when I did this for the first time, and let me tell ya, after the initial shock wore off, I felt a sense of clarity like never before.

The tool I’m talking about is a business audit. Now before you roll your eyes (or run and hide), let me explain. Yes, it can be scary and feel overwhelming when you take a hard look at everything in your business. But those feelings won’t last long! You’ll feel empowered to move forward with more direction and certainty, and that, my friends is gold.

The business audit tool I created has 6 main sections to look at. Most businesses will fall within these 6 sections as well, even if there are a few more that you can think of. Either way, consider these in a wheel, with each category representing a section. The goal here is to see how balanced your wheel is, and where things need to get pumped up a bit...

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Kicking Things Off Soon!

business mindset success Sep 11, 2020

We're getting things started with a bang on October 1st, get on the list and you'll be the first to hear about new episodes!

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